Glen Cedars – Back to Back Hole-in-Ones!

The LPGA Amateur Association Canada GTA Chapter Glen Cedars Sunday morning league got to witness 2 new inductees into the Hole-in-One Hall of Fame.

Sunday, June 23 2019, Julie Danabie, began her round with a 15 ft one putt, the first of many, until she reaches the 16th hole, Par 3, red flag approximately 112 yards out from the forward tee box, she pulls out her 4 Hybrid and launches her Callaway ball into the air and after a hop onto the green it rolls gently into the hole. All this after she was hit by a golf ball in the butt earlier in the round!

The following Sunday morning, June 30, 2019, Donna Bowers began her round enthusiastic as always and looking forward to playing in her first Chapter Championship the succeeding weekend. On the 3rd hole, Par 3, blue flag approximately 122 yards out, using a 3 wood she launches her Noodle ball into the air, clears the sand, lands on the slope to the right, bounces left onto the green and rolls with speed into the hole.

Congratulations Julie and Donna from your Sunday morning cohorts and all of your friends from the LPGA Amateur Association. The Sunday morning league captain, Astrid Buschke, would like to extend and invitation to all members to join the group on Sunday mornings and try your luck at getting a Hole-in-One at Glen Cedars. To make a reservation send an email to