LPGA Amateur Golf Association GN21 Handicap System

All LPGA Amateur Golf Association members have the ability to establish a handicap factor as part of their membership (through 2019 ONLY). The program being used is called the GN21 Handicap System. The GN21 System can be accessed via the Member Clubhouse. The GN21 System will enable you to establish a handicap factor, post total and hole by hole scores, access the LPGA Amateurs member directory, view course profiles, develop a player profile and game tracker, establish your personal calendar, view the message centre in order to communicate with other members and much more!

Please note that a GN21 handicap will not be recognized by the GAO for their events. In order to play in GAO events you are required to have a Golf Canada handicap through the GAO. To find out more go to the GAO Handicap System page.

For further details on establishing or continuing, your handicap index please contact the Rules and Handicap Chair at rules@ewga-gta.ca.