Handicap How To

Do you have a Handicap Index established?
Here is why you may want to start or to keep your current factor updated!

Want to try your hand at a little competitive play such as Match Play or our LPGA Amateurs Championship? You’ll need to establish a handicap to do this, so let us help provide you with the tools you need to enrich your golfing experience.

A handicap levels the playing field: all skill levels have equal opportunity. The purpose of a handicap is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. A player’s handicap index determines the number of strokes a player receives depending upon the length and difficulty of the course being played. The handicapping system provides course handicap calculations for players. Regardless of ability, a player’s handicap index is adjusted up or down as one’s game changes – a handicap is a great way to watch your improvements. A handicap index travels from course to course and from one set of tees to another.

To establish a handicap you need 5 -18 hole scores or 10 – 9 hole scores. Once these have been entered (after 5 full 18 holes and/or a mixture of 9 hole scores) the system will calculate your index factor. After that you will adjust your scores after each game and post. You can keep a handicap using the LPGA Amateurs GN21 Handicap System or the Golf Association of Ontario. The LPGA Amateurs handicap factor will not be accepted at most non-LPGA Amateurs events. For those members that wish to compete outside of LPGA Amateur Golf Association, you will need to register for a GAO Handicap Card. See links for details on setting up an account with the LPGA Amateurs GN21 System and the GAO.

For further details on establishing or continuing, your handicap index please contact the Rules and Handicap Chair at rules@ewga-gta.ca

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