Rules of Golf

Why is it important to learn the Rules of Golf?

The Rules of Golf are unique.  Together, the USGA & The R&A write and administer a single set of Rules to apply worldwide to all golfers. They are written assuming all players are honest and will play by the Rules.  While it can be tempting to overlook the Rules due to their complex nature, all golfers stand to benefit by familiarizing themselves with the Rules.

One benefit to knowing the Rules is the added comfort you have in knowing your rights or options on the course. A lot of us have probably found ourselves asking: is it one club length or two club lengths?  The better you understand the Rules, the more questions you will be able to answer.  There are not many games that depend upon honesty and integrity of the player.

For a Quick Guide to commonly encountered Rules situations and a simple explanation of the Rules, check out the following R&A link: